Herbal Remedies - 2019 #70
Nature has the cure for hundreds of ailments—and it's as close as the spice aisle or your local farmers market. Herbal Remedies identifies the top herbs and describes their many benefits: These magic ingredients have been shown to boost brainpower (saffron), strengthen immunity (elderberry), manage mood (ashwagandha)—even make the most delicious mug of hot chocolate (eleuthero). In this info-packed issue you’ll learn how to:
  •  Practice healthy habits year-round with our month-by-month guide. (February means fiber!)
  •  Pump up the plant energy in your diet through an easy three-day reboot.
  •  Tap into the healing properties of turmeric, tea, mushrooms and trending nutritional superstar kohlrabi.
  •  Grow a winter windowsill herb garden so that fresh greens are always on hand.
  •  Make your own, at-home organic facial masks for dry, oily or dull skin and treat complexion conditions including brown spots, acne and eczema.

Price: $9.95