Classic Home - Farmhouse 2019 #217
Authentic charm is the common thread that runs through this premiere issue of Classic Home Farmhouse. Learn from homeowners who adapted their ages-old digs to contemporary standards and from those who build new to look old, and see how each one put their personal spin on this American classic. 
•  Updating a 250-year-old pioneer log house that honors the past required its two city-dweller owners to start with a basic: Just add (running) water. It only got better after that.
 • Classic white paint and a few furnishings are how one couple freshened up an 1870 gem in Vermont—that they bought just based on the pictures! 
 • Be inspired by a budget bathroom remodel that looks like a million bucks.
 • Like the look? Discover how to incorporate farmhouse character into your décor with our profile of 10 essential elements of the style. 
 • Check out singer-songwriter Holly Williams’ vintage reno (that you can rent) in the heart of Tennessee.
Plus, check out our rugged and relaxed finds and plan your next getaway with a visit to a restored 19th-century farmhouse that puts a luxe spin on rural accommodations. 

Price: $12.95