American Frontiersman - Summer 2019
With springtime and hostiles now in the rearview mirror, we look to a jam-packed summer issue poised to entertain, inspire and teach you about your favorite backcountry pursuits: planting, fishing, trapping, hunting, camping and cooking. There’s something in here for everyone.

  • CALVARY CLASSICS - Jim Parker is keeping history alive with his period-perfect Kentucky longrifles
  • PUTTING UP FUR - A beginner’s guide to preparing fur for tanning in six simple steps
  • PRIMITIVE EATS - Exotic flavors abound for those who can bag small game
  • DIY FISH TRAPS - Catch fish like our ancestors with these three easy-to-make devices
  • THE OZARK CHINKAPIN - Reintroducing the American chestnut’s little brother
  • ALASKAN TRAPPER - Modern-day mountain man Marty Meierotto works hard on his trapline
  • BLACKPOWDER ROUNDUP - Great new muzzleloaders and the gear to keep them running
  • THE WHOLE KIT - Remembering Kit Carson, a small man with a giant reputation
  • SALT CURING - This old-school technique can make your meat last months, even years, without refrigeration
  • SHELL-SHOCKED - You’ll certainly turn heads with one of these super-unique armadillo helmets
Price: $9.95