American Frontiersman - Fall 2020

For most of our readers, the fall season will mark the transition from scorching hot days to cool breezy nights. This idea of change led us to think about the frontiersman of the past and how they would have viewed the technological advances of today, like Traditions’ new standout arrow- and .22 -firing rifle or the wide selection of trail cams that can help you keep tabs on critters 24/7. Even the evolution of disguising your sets better, as explained by author Ralph Scherder, would have sparked a sense of curiosity and appreciation.

While there’s no doubt that we’ve come a long way in some aspects, some ideas from the past are still very much alive today. Author Frank Jardim tells the story of how the House brothers saved flintlock artistry, Mark Herwig shows you how to make the original fast food, and John Phillips explains why squirrel hunting on the frontier was best accomplished with the Kentucky longrifle.

As you get ready for the new season, don’t forget to update your reading material. Pick up your copy of the Fall 2020 issue today!

TOP 10 OUTDOOR SKILLS – Must-have knowledge for enjoying the outdoors to its fullest

MISSION POSSIBLES – How to custom-craft a simple backwoodsman’s pouch

TREADING LIGHTLY – Three old and wise methods for packing simply and authentically

TOP CHOPPERS – A review of six new edged tools that can hack it all

CRAFT A CANE POLE – Whittle away your time to make your own po boy fishing tackle

TEXAS TWO STEP – Father and son take a trip to put the Remington 700 CP braced pistol to the test

GOOSE BUSTERS – It’s time to go Savage Renegauge on snow geese in Arkansas

BIG BORES FOR BOARS – Hit wild hog country with traditional lever guns and hand cannons

THE NEW OL’ .30-30 – Hornady’s new quiet and accurate Subsonic sure isn’t your grandpa’ deer fodder

LET’S BOWL! – An easy and fun guide to carving your own rustic bowl

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