American Frontiersman - Spring 2021

American frontiersmen were some of the toughest, most resilient men to ever walk the continent. There, we said it. The fact is, for many of us, frontiersmen are larger-than-life characters who make us wish we were born 100 or 150 years earlier. The spring 2021 issue honors those personalities and lets you feel a little bit of what those stalwart trailblazers must have felt.

Headlining the issue is a great tribute to “The Buff Hunters” Wyatt Earp, “Batt” Masterson and “Buffalo Bill” Cody and more. And you don’t want to miss our Top 10 List, where author Lamar Underwood details the best mountain man books ever written.

This spring rendezvous is also packed with DIYs including: leather compound bow sling and truck-seat gear holder, scavenger blade, plastic scabbard and much more.

In this issue, author David Maccar shows you how to use a mil-spec poncho and liner as a versatile shelter system, Frank Melloni reviews a pair of quality, priced-right Mossberg deer guns, contributor Gordon Smith reviews Umarex’s budget-friendly PCP now in .25, and Donald Wade takes you on a trip down memory lane to get a look and feel for the consummate frontiersmen.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

HAYDEN’S DOG CHARGE – How one brave man and his dogs saved the day at Fort Sinquefield

BACKYARD BLADE BUILD – Make your own knife with just a few ordinary tools

COPE WITH COONS – Learn to take on these masked nuisances before they damage your home

SHELTERS… NATURALLY – Learn the ABCs of making debris huts and wikiups

TOMAHAWKIN’ TURKEYS – Kauger Arms silences those who think a .410 pistol can’t chop down gobblers

THE BUTTS HAVE IT – Try this recipe for the best smoked pork butt you’ll ever eat

FAITHFUL FRIENDS – If you’re not a dog lover, you will be after reading this tribute to Trapper

GEAR BAG – A collection of new and noteworthy trail goodies

GEAR CADDY AND BOW SLING – Step-by-step instructions on leathercrafting two handy pieces of gear

CHRISTENSEN RANGER .22 – For precision tune-up sessions or critter fun, this new bolt is a beauty

Price: $10.95