American Frontiersman - Fall 2021
If you’re like us, you’ve probably seen Robert Redford learn the ropes of surviving in the wilderness at least a dozen times in the the classic flick Jeremiah Johnson. Hard to believe its been 50 years since the classic flick hit the big screen so we wanted the Fall 2021 issue to be a celebration of the golden anniversary of the best frontiersman movie ever. We’ve also got great tributes to mountain men like Jim Bridger, Joseph Walker and war hero Sam Dale.

In this issue, author Cody Assmann shows you how to improve your blackpowder game by making your own balls, patches and bullet bags, contributor J. Craig Haney shares ten tent-camp tips to avoid pitfalls before you start pitching, Bill Vaznis takes a look at the big-buck, big-woods traditions of yesteryear and today as he hunts with Springfield Armory’s Waypoint 2020, and Josh Honeycutt illustrates an easy 10-step guide to skinning your whitetail.

Other highlights of the issue include DIYs for making coffee can stoves, leather guns slings and possibles bags, rabbit gums (traps) and three killer chili recipes!

With the fall seasons right around the corner there’s no reason to wait. Pick up your copy today!

THE GREAT CANOE FIGHT – Sam Dale and his small party took on a Creek War band on the waters of the Alabam

BRAVE LEADER OF MEN – Joseph Walker’s recorded Western expeditions tell an epic frontier story

GOLDEN AGE GUNS – A look at Judson Brennan’s beautiful, hand-crafted longrifles

RUN & GUN STUFF – Leathercraft a gun sling and a belt-mounted ammo bag

DOG-PROOF TRAP TIPS – Secrets for success with this revolutionary piece of coon-catching gear

BOOK NOOK – Reviewing the Dictionary of Southern Appalachian English By J. Wayne Fears

WINCHESTER’S 6.8 WESTERN – There’s a new Western in town, and it ain’t a movie

OLD TIMER’S SQUIRREL TOTE – Simple trick to keep both hands free while chasing bushytails

BIG-BORE COMPANION – Henry’s latest all-weather .45-70 lever gun

GHOSTS & GOLD HUNTING – Tour the Oregon towns that hosted the rush and glimpse the discovered treasures

Price: $10.95