American Frontiersman - Winter 2023

As we start getting ready to flip the calendar pages and leave 2022 in the trail dust, the sizzling hot Winter 2023 issue of American Frontiersman is here to get you primed to take on your pursuits during the cold winter months and well into spring.

Trappers, waterfowlers and deer hunters alike have plenty to sink their teeth into in this issue. Some favorites include Josh Honeycutt’s “Killer Hunting Instincts” and “11 Whacky Whitetail Anomalies.” Then there’s Kevin Reese’s “Feathers, Friends & Fur” story about some super hot (and cold) bird and coyote busting. If Pine Marten is on your to-trap list, then be sure to check out Richard P. Smith’s “Newspaper Box” set ups that have been perfected by Al Dubord.

Also in this issue, Reuben Bolieu discusses bushcrafting and his top five cold-weather backwoods tips, we chew over campfire cooking, hunting and grilling chicken of the trees, Oregonian goat cheese makers and carving your very own rustic dining essentials, and Lamar Underwood grabs his popcorn and reviews INSP’s Into The Wild Frontier, a new series showcasing the untold stories of the original mountain men.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!

THE RIVER GAUNTLET – Chronicling the many challenges faced by Donelson’s 1779-80 pioneering flotilla

AN AMERICAN ICON – The history and evolution of the horse in North America

WINCHESTER’S GREAT 1885 – The life and times of the world’s premier single-shot hunting rifle

SMOOTHBORE SHOTGUNNING – Getting started in this primitive hunting style is easier than you think

WHAT WOULD RUARK SAY? – It’s time to rethink the age-old “Use Enough Gun!” mantra

HUNTER’S SOAP – A self-reliant way to stay clean and beat a buck’s super-keen sense of smell

GEAR BAG – A collection of new and notable products for the modern frontiersman

Price: $10.95