American Frontiersman - Spring 2023

Ready to blast into spring? You’re in luck, because we are too! Even though there’s still snow on the ground and more in the forecast, our minds are already wandering to the sights, sounds and smells of the spring turkey woods, trout streams, big bass hotspots and camping adventures with good friends and family members.

To honor that special feeling, the Spring 2023 cover features David Wright’s “North Lake Crossing.” North Lake was the principal means of water transportation for Indigenous peoples of the Eastern Woodlands, and later, who used it during the fur trade in Canada. The canoes it serviced were built of available birch bark and helped transport families, hunters, and trappers along with loads totaling 5,000 pounds!

We’ve come a long way since then. In this issue we’re discussing the future with two modern turkey shotgun reviews, a big-bore test on Marlin’s newest 1895 Trapper lever gun, and contributor Frank Jardim rounds up the latest in muzzleloaders and gear from the 2023 Shooting, Hunting & Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your copy today!


SUNRISE SURPRISE –  The first attack on Fort Boonesborough left death in its wake

TRACKING THE SWAMP FOX – How Francis Marion stalled the British advance in the American Revolution

A PERFECT STORM – The bass waters were angry that day, my friends

THE FRENCH FRONTIERSMAN – Carbon copying the coureurs de bois of the early fur trade in New France

PADDLE & ROW – Choosing a canoe, kayak or inflatable is just the first step on the journey

8 GREAT BOWIES – Presenting the knives that most faithfully honor Jim Bowie’s iconic, deadly blade

BAGS OF WONDER – Over-the-shoulder, prized possessions of the frontiersmen and Native Americans

20-GAUGE TOMINATOR – Taking this cagey old bird was a victory made possible by the Weatherby Element Turkey

TURKEY SHORTY – Mossberg’s latest 940 Pro is perfect for dropping longbeards in tight setups

GAME BIRD TRIFECTA – Three winning recipes that’ll make you the best darn camp cook—hands down!

MODERN MARLIN TRAPPER – The new 1895 is one viable fighting lever gun that’s ready for truck or trail

HOUND DOGGIN’ BEARS – Adventure to the Alleghenies of West Virginia for a wild and musical ride

DRILL IT! – The history and technique of making fire with the bow drill

SQUARE LASHING IQ – Tips and tactics for securely tying down backwoods essentials

BACKYARD FIREPIT Build your own place to chill out or heat up with family and friends

FORREST FURNITURE – All you need is a hatchet and some cord to make a camp chair and table

SMOKIN’ HOT – How to step up your Camp Chef game with a smart pellet smoker

MUZZLE BLASTS MASH-UP – From how-to videos to the newest guns and gear uncovered at SHOT Show 2023

NORTH DAKOTA’S FORT UNION – A center for the bison robe trade, tribal diplomacy and high adventure

GEAR BAG – New and noteworthy range and trail products
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